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Sota Instruments

Water Ozonator

£379.00 £359.00

Water Ozonating and the benefits Ozonate your drinking water, it’s a fast and safe means of neutralizing germs and pathogens by adding extra oxygen. Just a few minutes produces a refreshing glass of water! With the concern of food-borne bacteria, many consumers give their fruits and vegetables a 15 minute ozone bath in a basin […]

£1,199.00 £1,165.00

Sota Wellness and Relaxation Kit The Sota Wellness and Relaxation Kit consists of: Magnetic Pulser Silver Pulser Water Ozonator Bio Tuner If you require further details on the individual machines, please see the other Sota Instruments listings. The price is discounted giving you an excellent reduction by buying the instruments together as a kit. Whitesage […]