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Sota Instruments full range
Sota Instruments full range of wellness instruments.

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All units come with a two to three year warranty (depending on the item).
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Most noteworthy, repairs are usually done here at Whitesage in the UK, hence, this makes for a quick turn around having you reunited with your machine swiftly!


Sota Instruments

Silver Pulser

£297.50 £280.83

Sota’s Silver Pulser SP7 is the main part of the respected basic wellness kit Silver Pulser SP7 from Sota is the current model and it ships FREE to the UK. Shipping costs just £17.50 to European besides most other destinations. Indicator lights identify both the Micro pulsing and Ionic Colloidal Silver functions SP7 has an [...]


Sota Instruments

Water Ozonator

£382.50 £338.33

Water Ozonating and the benefits Ozonate your drinking water, it’s a fast and safe means of neutralizing germs and pathogens by adding extra oxygen. Just a few minutes produces a refreshing glass of water! With the concern of food-borne bacteria, many consumers give their fruits and vegetables a 15 minute ozone bath in a basin [...]


Sota Instruments

Magnetic Pulser MP6

£370.83 £346.67

Sota Magnetic Pulser  The Magnetic Pulser MP6 is sota’s new two speed model. It offers the benefits of a pulsed magnetic field to help balance the body’s natural electricity for health and wellbeing. Fast Mode: The Fast Mode has 1,600 pulses per timed session with an output at the coil face of 2,500 Gauss. Therefore pulses are [...]


Sota Instruments

SOTA Bio Tuner

£279.17 £254.17

Sota Bio Tuner BT9, the latest model. The machine ships free to the UK and costs just £17.50 to European destinations. The Bio Tuner outputs more than 500 harmonic frequencies in each pulse. Having a modified rectilinear waveform, it has 6 output modes. The machine is simple to use besides being lightweight. The BT9 is [...]


Sota Instruments


£312.50 £291.67

About Us Whitesage are one of the longest serving retailers for Sota Instruments having served the UK and Europe for many years. Whitesage are recommended by Sota as per the Sota Instruments International retailers section of their website: NASA, the Space Agency in the USA, has researched the benefits of both Red and Near Infrared [...]

£265.83 £232.50

Sota Lightworks; what it is and how it works: The Lightworks is a professionally designed quality unit, thoroughly tested and guaranteed to operate as per the specifications. The SOTA Lightworks offers the benefits of LED light combined with healthy frequencies. These frequencies gently stimulate the body electric for energy, general health and well-being. The Lightworks [...]


Sota Instruments

Basic Wellness Kit

£1,040.83 £917.54

The Basic Wellness Kit Includes: Silver Pulser SP7 Magnetic Pulser MP6 Water Ozonator Woz5 The Silver Pulser SP-7 is the main part of the Sota Instruments ‘basic wellness kit’ that also includes the Magnetic Pulser and Water Ozonator.   Features include a built-in ‘constant current circuit’ for the Ionic/Colloidal Silver output, as well as a LED [...]


Sota Instruments

Sota Premium Wellness Kit

£1,837.50 £1,633.21

Sota Instruments Premium Wellness Kit The Sota Instruments Premium Wellness Kit includes the whole mighty Sota range at your fingertips, join the elite with these fantasticly built machines that may well last you a lifetime. The SOTA Premium Wellness Kit includes the six SOTA units Silver Pulser SP7 Magnetic Pulser MP6 Water Ozonator WOZ5 Bio [...]

£1,195.83 £1,135.25

Sota Wellness and Relaxation Kit The Sota Wellness and Relaxation Kit consists of: Magnetic Pulser Silver Pulser Water Ozonator Bio Tuner If you require further details on the individual machines, please see the other Sota Instruments listings. The price is discounted giving you an excellent reduction by buying the instruments together as a kit. Whitesage [...]